Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy SysAdmin Day

For today is July 27th, I'd like to wish all system administrators, men or women, friends or foes, mcses or rhces, old or young, married or single, tall or short, thin or fat, with shoes or barefoot, lazy or hardworking, doing commercial or opensource, Happy SysAdmin Day!

We sure work harder(or hardly work) than some of you :p . And yet, they got one day specially dedicated for each of them. Well secretaries and others, you can have any other day of the year for all I care, but every last friday of July is SysAdmin Day. Secretaries usually will spend the whole day in saloon or any place with mirrors as they want to look elegant during dinner while Apek will joke and sing for them. And what about us? Well I dont want no singer(other than pussycat dolls or shania twain, sigh!) but a little appreciation will do(such as bonuses,lunch treat).

What are the things you really want to do on SysAdmin Day? Well, for me, I dont want anything special(a brand new notebook wont hurt though). Since we sure dont have an ample time to celebrate, just think of something that you cannot give us on any other day. Yes, just give me and other IT people a Peace of Mind.

We are not SpongeBob that has "Go to work" only in his to-do list. We dont hate users, we just can communicate better with machines than with them. And in most cases, machines understand us better too. Below are some of the things that you should avoid doing on the last Friday of July or any other times. For a full list, in case you want to print out as a reminder, go to here.

Dont do any critical things on the Friday, since if something could go wrong, you know how we are always dying to work on weekend.

Read the documentations/manuals before asking questions, do not wild-guessing the linux command with paramaters if you're not sure, use the manpages or I will 'lart -use "monkey wrench" ' you.

If something happened, just make up a story that can save your cute ars*, and let us digging up all the logs and let you know what really happened, we just love playing puzzle games with either missing or wrong pieces.

Shall you not listen, then just go ahead, make my day.

How are you going to appreciate us on SysAdminDay? I dont expect much of it. Do we deserve it? I think yes, we certainly do.


kapla.hodot said...

oi... lama tak update... bz ka

yoe said...

biasalah awal2 bulan.. report and more report..