Thursday, July 12, 2007

And You Say Having A Blog Is Easy

This is my first week as a blogger wannabe. All I can say is, blogging is not as innocent as it look. It just like a public digital diary, but men just dont want to admit they had a diary. So they just give it a more killing words - blog. Dont get pissed yet, I just made that up. People see you just like an emotionless guy doing his job, sitting lazily in front of the screen, finger-tapping the faded keyboard. But deep inside, I feel just like being tied up and blind-folded while watching Transformers (with Megan Fox of course) on the big screen. You got so much to tell, so much to write, but cannot put it into words. To make it more miserable, I got this issue on how to make your post expandable(yeah the Read more ... tags).

The Read More tags is a really a straight forward kinda thing, if you find the right info at the right place. Firstly, I just go for official blogger help - no go. After google-ing around for a few minutes, I came across, this retiree fella. So I tried the hack out and it works fine. And people will never satisfied of what they had. While waiting for the third party vendor to come, I went a bit further applying a javascript approach to make the post expandable. Worked alright.

But today, I find all the hacks not working. As suspected, the script is no longer available on the hosting site. Got some issue with traffic load and stuff. So, I have to upload the old template and touch here and there. I cannot imagine how can people with years of heavily customized blogs will survive if they just forgot to backup the template or simply lose it. They might want to take a crash course on how to die instantly.

But the good things, unlike some script writer, the owner felt responsible enough to provide a temporary workaround. So, I went back to the upload previous template and apply the workaround. A week in blogging, now I got 3 templates just for the sake of trying something new, and cost me several lunch time. I'm off to lunch *poof*

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