Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Words of wisdom

Good judgement comes from the experience. Experience comes from bad judgement. - Jim Horning


Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Busy like a bee. That's how I feel for since October, 2007. Since I'm becoming a Support Team Leader, so called. My major task is coordinating the team, other than attending to the meeting and some troubleshooting. In November alone, I attended 11 meeting/discussion, excluding informal discussion and sidewalk chats. So this is how the management see things. This is so different. This is so not me.

Most of the discussion/meeting are meant for Head of Unit or Head of Department role which are still vacant as of now. So automatically, most of the their tasks are falling right back at me. Now I consider my team and me is just like a bodyless and headless lizard tail, wiggling around(most of the times being played around by a cat, a very bad, idiotic cat).

I suppose I cannot be called a Sys Admin anymore. Thankfully I am wrong. My services still useful for some of the projects(I'm still exist so to speak). Sometimes I feel like being technically downgraded. Most of the time I feel like being used. I wonder if this what they called a middle-aged crisis or career crisis. But no matter what people called it, I hope I'll see a solution soon. Sorry for that is one heck of a nag. I'll buzz off for now.

Btw, have you watched that movie "Bee the movie". Its about how can a single individual can make difference in the world, hoping for something better, but turn out worse. I brought my 3 year-old son to the movie just to watch him took an 8 ringgit nap. More nagggging, less bloggging. Buzzz zzzZzZzzzzz