Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Blues

I'm not sure if this headache I'm having is closely related to the sprained shoulder pain that I had since last week . Or issit because I have 3 reports to compile before next friday. Or issit because of a small lump-look-alike just between my son's chin and his neck. Or issit just because the career path i've chosen.

Talking about the career path, today is last day for my colleague. Like he mentioned, he's moving to the greener side of the field. No matter how green is it, the grass I'm standing on is a bit tasteless now comparing when I first arrived. Still I have to munch as long as it pay my bills. As what I said during interview session, "You give me something, I give you something, if not more".

By the way, a big thanks to the company for sponsoring the Umrah package. It was a fantastic journey, spiritually. For that, I'll struggle to be a good system administrator, not to mention notebook cleaner, cable puller, scanner troubleshooter and last but not least helpdesk operator.

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