Friday, July 20, 2007

A See Thru Firewall

A transparent firewall has some pros and cons. In OpenBSD, it use a bridging feature offered by the OS. I use a machine with 2 NICs, running OpenBSD 4.1 to build this perimeter fencing.

On network, nobody knows it was there(except its coming from your big mouth)
Since it is ip-less, you can avoid the many hacking attempt(physical attempt is excluded), but still open for DDOS in rare cases.

You cannot do anything related with IP on it(eg. NATting,dhcp,mail)
You cannot ping(for monitoring or testing or troubleshooting) since it is ip-less
You cannot ssh to it since it is ip-less(again). So anything, you have to face the coldness of the server cave.

How do you configure it. Well the rules in the pf.conf is up to you. What I know on setting up this poise machine is as below:

first create a file in /etc called bridgename.bridge0
and put these lines into it:
add bge0
add bge1

Save it and while still in /etc, create files called hostname.bge0 and hostname.bge1 and put this line into both:

Save it and go on editing /etc/rc.conf
search for pf=NO entry and change "NO" to "YES"

Save rc.conf and move on to the next file /etc/sysctl.conf and uncomment this line

Provided you have pf.conf well-configured, restart the network and load the rules
#sh /etc/netstart
#pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf

Last but not least, to avoid some performance issue(kapla_hodot and I found an issue of duplicate packet or something, sorry I dont remember but I've read it somewhere) be sure to use only one interface to control the rules. The other interface should be all allow, for example:

scrub in all
#allow all internal
pass in quick on $internal_if all
pass out quick on $internal_if all
#block all external
block in log on $external_if all
block out log on $external_if all
#your passing rules go here and just use "external_if" in your lines

That's about it, I dont want to drill down this firewall thingy, because there is already a firewall engineer post available nowadays(and I got a lot of other things to think about in life). Please let me know if I'm missing something. Else, voila.

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