Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As slim as Samsonite

We found it! Just to recap, my wife and I were on a quest for a laptop backpack, that does not look like a laptop backpack, and it must be slim, professional and feminine looking and comfortable yet protective. Previously, we wish we were in USA or at least in Singapore so that we could get a hold of Mobile Edge Slimline Paris. But last week, we were browsing in One Utama when we came across this piece from Samsonite. Took us half an hour to decide, and before you know it, its ours.

It can fit up to 15 inch notebook plus a mice and power adaptor. You still have enough space to spare for light stationaries, handphone charger, several 3 in 1 Milo sachets and perhaps 1 nasi lemak. Sorry, no more room for file holder(can help keep your house as paperless as possible). In addition, this slimsonite got 2 major external compartments and both with lockable zipper plus a free lock(I doubt the usefulness but since its already there...). The exterior design of this bag gives the owner a perfect fit on the back. I like ..

One flipside is it just has 3 years warranty. Well, I hope the bag will last longer than the notebook it carries. Last week I told Ayoi "if I dont go for the look, then I'll get myself a Samsonite". Guess what dude, I am wrong. This baby, in my view, sure looks stunning, and it's from Samsonite.

Disclaimer: I'm in no position of promoting any brand of bags. I'm just expressing my view of what a buyer would feel before and after they got themselves a bag.

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