Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Changelog April 2008

A few bugs detected. Many things had been either fixed,ignored,or upgraded. Plus, many new experiments took place since February.

Government - positively fixed on 8th March with 5 state won by Opposition and denied 2/3 majority of Barisan Nasional in Dewan Rakyat.

Traffic jam - fixed with my new Honda Wave S 125. Automatically fixed a sleepy morning blues at the office.

Bugs detected, current office shoe not waterproof - to be replaced with a slipper or Waterproof Hi-Tec shoes. I went for the shoe.

Bugs detected, Redhat jacket is not waterproof (learn it a hard way) - to be replaced with infamous GIVI rain coat.

Boredom - fixed with a week trip to Indonesia. Request a status change from boredom to credit card headache.

Baby - upgraded to a toddler.

My Support Team - added 2 more executives, total up to 9 effective support personnels. A lot of things has been self cured. Still has a room for improvement. But sincerely, I'm proud of you guys. To be improved with a new Department Head(coming soon).

Annoying colleague,client - to be ignored until ermm (to be decided later)

Loving wife - equipped with company notebook, finally.

Inspiron 510m notebook with XP - upgraded RAM to 2GB, only to find the hibernation not working. Fixed with this patch. Thanks in advance(not tested yet).

Active request:
A notebook bag for wife (slimline paris from mobile edge is so tempting)
A house (hopefully by year end)
A new job (KIV aiyahh)

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