Sunday, September 14, 2008

New pair of shoes

I had been wearing my office shoes for as long as I have been married. Yes, the pair was included in the 'hantaran' package. Since then, I brought them to the cobbler twice, until it was going to cost me more to repair than buying a new one. So, early this year, I bought a motorcycle and outdoor shoes to go with the bike, which I have been using in the office as well.

Apparently, as I was also looking for another job at that time, I promised myself not to buy a new pair of shoes until I get a new job. And guess what, I just bought myself a new pair of office shoes.



Akram said...

nak gerak dah ke? pi mana? lepas raya? hehehe, mari beramai2 mengimarahkannya.

yoe said...

nak gerak sikit je, gi klcc tu jek, insyallah lepas raya ni datang kemas2