Thursday, August 23, 2007

PC-less download via ADSL wi-fi modem

I have been spending RM77 per month for under-utilized ADSL line at home. So now I'm trying to make full use of it plus creating a wifi access. For that, I will spend some cash to buy a wifi+adsl modem and probably a portable hardisk. I'll try to avoid buying new PC just for downloading purpose. Objective: A working Wifi access at home and unattended downloading.

Here's a few POSSIBLE option:
Option 1
Buy a Buffalo WHR-G54S (RM170)
Buy a 2 GB SD card and reader (RM100)
Buy a USB to SD converter (RM 15)
Follow the instructions
Find a working solution for a torrent client(ctorrent or enhanced torrentflux) to be installed onto it
(Pokleyzz already got the scapegoat handy hu hu hu)

Option 2
Buy an ASUS WL-500GP-with USB support (RM370)
Buy an USB Hardisk 80GB (RM200)
Follow the instruction to install your desired application(mine is torrent)

Option 3
Buy All-in-one Asus WL-700GE (RM ???)

Option 4
Do some more research for other available options

I'll update when done with decision-making

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