Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kids stuff

The eldest
He's 6 years old now. Still does not eat much unless something he really like, such as roti jala, nasi sup, bihun sup, roti cokelat, mm thats about it. He can now read quite smoothly Bahasa but still struggling with English. Way better than I used to be at the same age. Now learning kidsconomics(how to appreciate money), just to make sure he knows how to buy things later when he turns 7 and go to public school. Still an accident prone, still fighting with his sister. And he now knows how to demand. His latest demand is "Pa, nak rumah ada tangga".

The middle
With her high note voice, she is the most noticeable among the three. And she's excellent in getting things she wants, especially for a bottle of milk. At 10 rpm(request per minute), anyone will surrender. On top of that, she does not care what situation you are in. Being ask to prepare a milk while taking bath is a common thing for me. Dear kid no 2, I hope you will become a great Project Manager some day.

The youngest
Started moving around, not yet a crawler. He caused me a back pain couple of times. At the blue corner, aged 8 months, weighing about 10kg, here is kid no 3. A bit complicated, he drinks with her mama, but wants me to put him to sleep. So like any other father, usually I fall asleep as well. Fell off the bed once, thank God, it's nothing serious. Your mama and I have been waiting anxiously for you to change your status to toddler.

Dear anak-anak,
If you're reading this, that's good. It means now you can read English. I just want to let you know, it is a blessing to have you all as my children. As a father, I'm not always being able to furnish your kid's life with life material. At this point of time, I'm working hard to get us all a descent house we can spend our precious time together. But I want you to remember, a house is not yet a home. A house is where the body is. And a home is where the heart is. Go ahead, grow up and become a good Muslim. I want nothing more from you, just keep the memory close to your heart since that is the thing that make me stronger each day. I love you and your mom very much.

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